benthic: Munnopsis (longlegs)
return of the son of the failnoah's ghost ([personal profile] benthic) wrote in [personal profile] telly 2012-01-20 08:14 pm (UTC)

OKAY HERE IS A COMMENT WHERE I DECIDE THINGS! measurements I don't have yet but I can get that later today \o/ Right now I am looking at . . . elbow length in the basketweave pattern of the Cascade Dolce yarn? I was thinking maybe the dark brown with camel and coral stripes. Or combine the basketweave with some other simple pattern for stripes? I really like the look of that one and want it to show up! But I am up for whatever's easy \o/ I LIKE THE SINGLE CABLE TOO but idk how that would work with multiple colors, and you don't have enough of those yarns for single-color gloves, so :|a

AM I MAKING ANY SENSE I fail at knowing how knitting works XD

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