Telly ([personal profile] telly) wrote 2012-01-20 11:52 pm (UTC)

Ribbing at the start and end - no prob, it'll actually make it easier to size the gloves that way. Ribbing will stretch easier/fit closer than the basketweave stitch.

Knitpicks gloves - do you want those in basketweave as well? And when you say stripes, do you mean you want stripes of Fairy Tale on a background of Chocolate in the hand area and elbow area, or just blocks of Fairy Tale at the start and end? (It sounds like the latter, but I want to be sure!) And how long do you want those blocks/striped areas to be - just the cuffs, or into the body of the glove? (If the body of the glove will be a single color, I could do the cable...)

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