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Knitting commissions!

$8 for wrist-length gloves in a simple pattern on the backside of the glove (example: owl gloves, short braided cable)
$10-$12 for mid-arm gloves in a simple pattern, OR wrist-length in a more complex pattern that goes the full way around the glove (example: decreasing cable gloves, wrist-length chain-link gloves)
$15 for elbow-length in a simple pattern, OR mid-arm in a complex pattern
Elbow-length in a complex pattern would take a LOT of time, if that's your heart's desire we can discuss it!
Hats are $10 for a basic beanie, $12-15 for a more difficult pattern.

You'll pay the cost of the yarn (plus shipping, if I can't find it in stock locally). Just give me a rough idea of what color(s), material, and your price point and I'll look for stuff!

If you're sensitive to wool itchies (like me...), or just like extra warmth, you may want a fleece or flannel liner. That WILL make the gloves less elastic, be warned! $2-4 on top of cost of gloves, depending on overall length.

$6 flat-rate anywhere in the continental US, that includes tracking and delivery confirmation! International will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

Shorter gloves take me anywhere from 3-5 days per pair, longer gloves about a week to 10 days, depending on the pattern and how much my hands hate me. Ribbed caps take about 2-3 days, other shapes/patterns would probably be like 5 days. I'll send pictures of the project as I work on it and before I ship, so I can make changes if you want.


NORO SILK GARDEN (45% Silk, 45% Kid Mohair, 10% Lambswool): $3.50/skein
Colorway 211 (turquoise, fuschia, gold, brown, greens, orange): ~1.5 skeins (110 yards per skein; I have enough for mid-arm gloves or a hat and maybe wrist-length gloves if your hands are tiny.)
NOTE: Noro is self-striping, and each skein begins and ends at a different point. That means I can't promise two identical gloves from this yarn, and they might even have different colors entirely! Thumb stubs would also be a different color from the nearby body of the glove. FYI!

CASCADE DOLCE (55% Superfine Alpaca/23% Wool/22% Silk): $3/skein for full skeins, for multi-color gloves I'll average it or something
Black and Dark Brown: 2 skeins of each color (110 yards/skein, I have enough for gloves of any length but note that complex patterns won't show as well with the dark yarn)
Camel: what you see is what you get (not enough for single-color gloves, only for striping or colorwork with another yarn)
Coral: what you see is what you get (again not enough for single-color gloves, only for striping/colorwork with another yarn)
Mushroom (light gray): 1 skein (110 yards) plus a little extra (enough for wrist-length gloves or one hat)
Coral and Mushroom
All colors

KNITPICKS 'SWISH' (100% Superwash Merino, machine washable): $2.50/skein.
Dark Navy: 1 skein (110 yards, enough for wrist length or slightly longer, depending on the hands, or one hat)
Tidepool Heather ("misty blue green color, close to a medium teal"): 2 skeins (enough for mid-arm to elbow gloves, or shorter gloves and a hat)

KNITPICKS WOOL OF THE ANDES (100% Wool): $1.50 per skein.
Chocolate (rich dark brown): 2 skeins
Fairytale (bright "regal" purple with blue tones): 1 skein

CASCADE 220 (100% wool): FREE (but I'd recommend a fleece liner for gloves)
Light Gray: 1 skein (220 yards, enough for gloves of any length or short gloves and a hat)

PEACE FLEECE WORSTED (30% Mohair/70% Wool): FREE (but I recommend a liner, mohair is itchy)
Lena's Meadow (Soft light green with lilac and moss green flecks): 2 skeins (200 yards/skein, you could totally get any length gloves + a hat out of it)


There's a lot of options for simple patterns: ribbing is the most elastic, stockingette is smoothest (and would work best for lots of stripes), basketweave can be modified in a lot of different ways to make blocks of knit and purl stitches. Seed stitch can make an interesting filler in basic patterns. You can even combine groups of knit and purl stitches to create shapes.
Also included here are Owl Mitts, for being surprisingly easy, and single-cable mitts if made with only the one cable down the back of the arm.

For complex patterns, I really love cables. Open cables, basketweave or twisted chain link, intricate interwoven patterns... The possibilities are endless.

All gloves can be made to any length. At this point I only have experience with fingerless gloves; I'm willing to try mittens or full/part-finger gloves, but as that's something I've never done before I don't know how long it would take or what extra yarn it uses. I can do thumbs as a gusseted stub or just an opening.

- desired length of glove from base of thumb to end point on arm
- arm circumference at end point
- desired height above thumb webbing (end point on hand)
- hand circumference around knuckles
- circumference around base of thumb
- (for stub-thumbs) desired length of thumb

- fleece liner, flannel liner, or no liner?
- thumb: stub or hole?

- stash yarn or new yarn?
--- if new yarn: desired texture, material, colors: solids/self-striping/varigated?

- this is where you tell me what you want your glove to look like! Was there a pattern or stitch you liked? Whether you have a particular look you want ("like such-and-such picture but with more ribbing!") or just a rough idea ("idk i like the color blue and pretty things"), I'll discuss it with you and link examples!

Okay go.
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PLACEHOLDERING COS I WANT TO ORDER TOO!! But I need measurements and etc XD